We Play Knives Out, the “Incredible” PUBG Mobile Clone


Knives Out is basically “PUBG Mobile,” and we’re certain it won’t last much longer on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With two official PUBG mobile games in development for mobile, the days are surely numbered for copycats like this.

Until that day of reckoning comes, however, lets enjoy ourselves with what is actually a decent game. If it wasn’t for the frustrating aiming controls, Knives Out would be pretty addicting.

KNIVES OUT! You are a lone wolf in a 6.4 square kilometer battle royale arena. 100 warriors parachute into the battlefield, but only 1 can walk out alive! 

100 Dive in, 1 Walks out

100 players are scattered across a 6400m*6400m deserted area. Search abandoned houses and industrial zones for weapons and items, fight off enemy players, and claim victory. Remember, the last player standing wins it all. 

Survive by Any Means Necessary

Ambush or Attack. Snipe or Charge. Wait or Outflank. It’s all up to you. There is only one goal: be the last warrior standing!

Team Up And Speed Up

Group up in Pairs mode or Team mode and play alongside your friends. Coordinate strategies via voice chat and use teamwork to overcome all obstacles standing between you and victory.

An Arsenal at Your Fingertips

There are a variety of weapons, accessories, medicines and military vehicles for you to choose from. Collect, select and equip. With so many different equipment combinations, there are countless ways to win.

Check out the video above to see the game in action, and listen to my thoughts after playing five rounds (and winning two of them!).

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