Wild Hearts PS5 Crashing Issue Workaround; EA Aware of Issues

Wild Hearts update 1.010

For those on PS5 playing Wild Hearts experiencing issues loading the game, EA is aware of it. While a patch is in the works, there is a Wild Hearts PS5 crashing issue workaround that should do the trick for now.

Wild Hearts PS5 Crashing Issue Workaround:

Workaround steps:
  • Check to see if you’ve blocked over 100 players
    1. Open the Quick Menu by pressing the PS button
    2. Select Game Base
    3. Press the “options” button and “Go to Game Base”
    4. Push right on the road to navigate to Game Base Settings
    5. Blocked Players should appear at the bottom of the list
  • Unblock players until you are below 100 (unfortunately, the UI does not indicate how many players you have blocked in total, so you’ll have to eyeball it).

EA is working on a workaround and once the patch is out, we’ll make sure to let our readers know.

Source: EA Answers

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