World War Z Upcoming Update Out This Week, and Here’s What to Expect

world war z upcoming update

Saber Interactive has today released some details on the World War Z upcoming update, including a special freebie for those who hold the special Aftermath upgrade! Read on below to check out what’s coming in World War Z for its next update.

Update (3/17/22): Patch is out and here are the official patch notes for the Cut & Mend” title update.

World War Z Upcoming Update Preview:

Horde Mode XL is in the works and we hope to share more info soon along with a release date!

In the meantime, look out for a free Aftermath DLC drop coming later this week featuring new weapons, challenges, and other fun updates!

It’s been a while since the game’s last update, so this new patch is sure to be a welcome one. Horde Mode XL looks to be the highlight, so look out for more updates once Saber Interactive announces them.

The free Aftermath DLC will come first later this week, so remember to stay tuned here at MP1st for the complete patch notes on that update once it comes out!

In case you missed it, check out our review for World War Z: Aftermath here, where AJ wrote, “All in all, WWZ: Aftermath is a solid value for the $40 asking price. There is plenty to keep you busy here, and I found the gameplay to be quite enjoyable. The progression is deep, and the various classes and skill trees give you meaningful ways to change things up each run. While the first-person perspective has been implemented well, it’s hard to turn down the added visibility that a third-person camera offers you, and a true ADS mechanic is sorely lacking. If you’re looking to shoot some zombies in the face with your friends without thinking too much about it though, Aftermath should be right up your alley.”

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