World of Tanks Update Adds New War Story, Multi-Base Assault Game Mode & More

The latest World of Tanks patch is now live for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. It adds a new Multi-Base Assault game mode, which is available to play in Team Training and Tournaments on the following maps: Ghost Town, Cliff – Winter, Mines, Mines Rain and Liberty Falls.

For the new features, maps and improvements, see below:

New Features

– War Stories #5 – Runaway Tiger: Germany has developed a new super-weapon and is anxious to test it out on the battlefields of North Africa. The allies see this as a golden opportunity, and craft a bold plan to infiltrate and steal the prototype before the Germans have the chance to unleash it.
Multi-Base Assault: new game mode featured in only five maps initially and currently only available in Team Training and Tournaments.

– Ghost Town

– Cliff – Winter

– Mines

– Mines Rain

– Liberty Falls

– Tank flags: Expanding our players’ ability to customize their tanks by adding Flags! Players can choose a standard flag or create their own.

– Premium Tank Tree: displays all rare Premium tanks that are currently in-game. Look up the armor profile, modules, stats, see what’s missing from your collection, or just admire the tanks in all their glory.

– Log Tab: You can now access up to 10 of your most recent battles and they are now saved across game sessions on the same server.

– Replays expire after 14 days or when server/major version updates are done and will show “replay is expired”.

– “Detected” alert mechanics changed to “Targeted”

– Removed the “directional” requirement. Now the alert will trigger no matter what direction you are looking.


– Berlin Winter

– Cliff Winter


– Updated “Top Shelf” achievement requirements to include light tanks.

– Additional package added for the Cromwell.

– Added admin number inscriptions.

– Ribbons are now visible during Server Replays.

– New Boost Icons.

– New Launcher Icons

– Stark Strv S1: Changed MoE color to blue for better visibility.

– Added hay bale destructible SFX

– Start Menu options are now grouped separately by Game Options,  Platform Option, Browser Links, and Quit.

– Added “Hold” to accept when selling tanks and crews to prevent accidents

– Added Siege mode loading screens

– Fire/Smoke updated

For the full list of patch notes, click here.

What do you think of the latest patch notes? Are you looking forward to trying out the new game mode? Let us know below.

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Source: World of Tanks

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