World of Tanks Updates Roll Out to Live & Test Servers, Patch Notes Now Available

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The latest World of Tanks patch targets live servers with fixes, including: an error in personal missions, several technical issues, and more.

For the list of updates made to the live server see below:

Patch Notes. From RU Portal. To fix:

– An error in Personal missions, because of which the player could receive a reward camouflage, having completed only 74 tasks out of 75 missions.

– An error, due to which it was impossible to apply reward camouflage when the conditions of the Personal missions are met.

– An error in the displayed power of the Continental AOI-628-1 A engine: incorrect figure of 340 bhp. will be changed to 600 bhp.

– Some technical issues.

The World of Tanks‘ Test Server has a larger amount of changes that want testing, including a new interface screen, balancing changes, and more.

For the patch notes for the Test Server, see below:

Customization Interface Changes

New interface screen

– For Tier X through Tier VIII you can apply rental and permanent custom paint styles. At the moment it is only possible to rent and entire paint scheme, separate elements aren’t available for rent.

– Styles are given out for the number of battles, not calendar days.

– Paint is applied to 4 to 5 separate parts of the machine (depending on whether the gun of a particular tank is customizable). All vehicles will have at least 3 parts where you can change the size of camo patterns and some other aspects.

– For the bonus effect of camouflage to be applied to a tank, the hull must be painted.

– Added a new effect to apply wear and tear to paint. This effect does not work with low graphics settings.

– Both historical and non-historical elements are available.

– There is an option to disable seeing non-historical elements in battle.

Corrected Issues

– Fixed issue with the installation progress bar.

– Fixed an issue with shifting tabs when entering the campaign screen.

– Settings for recording Grand Battles have been applied correctly.

AMX M4 mle. 54

– Premium ammo penetration of 120 mm D. 1203 B gun is reduced from 325mm to 315mm.

AMX M4 mle. 51

– Premium ammo penetration of 120 mm gun D. 1203 B is reduced from 325 mm to 315 mm

– Premium ammo penetration of 127 mm/54 Model 1948 gun is increased from 258mm to 270mm.

AMX 65t

– Premium ammo penetration of 120 mm D 1203 gun is reduced from 325 mm to 252 mm.


– Armor improvements made.

What do you think to the latest two patches? Will you be rolling out on the test server? Or sticking to the live server? Let us know below.

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