Xbox Comes To Windows 10, Windows 10 Comes to Xbox, Fable Legends To Introduce Cross-Platform Play

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Head of Xbox Phil Spencer took the stage today during Microsoft’s Windows 10 event to unveil the sort of relationship the company plans to build between their new operating system and their current gaming platform, the Xbox One.

Just as the Xbox App will be coming to Windows 10, releasing mid-2015, Windows 10 will be coming to Xbox One in more ways than one.

Using the Xbox App on Windows 10, gamers will be able to communicate with others over Xbox Live and across platforms using both text and chat. Just like on the console, users will also be able to access Achievements, Game DVR Clips, Friends Lists, and Activity Feeds. It will also allow anyone to capture gameplay using their Windows 10 device and save those clips to Xbox Live, One Drive, or any social network.

Spencer also spoke of Valve’s Steam service, which he says “runs incredibly well on Windows 10.”

Meanwhile, Windows 10 will also have a presence on Xbox One, as Universal Windows Apps will be available on both Windows 10 and Xbox One. This, Spencer hopes, will open up many opportunities for developers of games and apps.

In addition, and perhaps the coolest feature related to gaming, new advancements will allow gamers to stream their supported Xbox One games on any Windows 10-supported PC or tablet [UPDATE: via Wi-Fi on a local network].

During the demo, Spencer booted up a paused instance of Forza Horizon 2 running on Xbox One and began streaming it to a Surface Pro 3 tablet using an Xbox One controller. He was able to access the game in the “My Games” tab after having “set up a relationship” between the two devices. Through the Surface, he was also able to access the Xbox One’s menu and turn the console off.

Lastly, Spencer announced that the latest entry in the Fable series, Fable Legends, will not only come to Xbox One and Windows 10, but will also allow cross-platform play between both devices for the first time. He hopes that “enabling people to play multiplayer games on Windows 10, across Xbox One and Windows 10, will unlock the potential of Xbox Live and grow social network that’s there today.”

Check out the demo trailer below.

Certainly lots to look forward to with Windows 10 as an Xbox gamer. What new features are you most excited about?

Thanks, Polygon