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Windows 10 “TruePlay” Anti-Cheat System Included in Latest Update News 8

News 8 Microsoft recently rolled out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that added a host of new features, though there’s one that’s not really talked about but could be important for gamers. Apparently, there’s a new anti-cheat system included in the update called “TruePlay.” Check out the official details from Microsoft. TruePlay TruePlay provides developers with […]

Windows 10 Game Stutter Acknowledged by Microsoft, Fix Incoming News 0

News 0 This past April, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 Creators Update that fortunately, brought with it, a stuttering problem that plagued games. Over on Microsoft’s support page, engineer Paul Aaron posted a message acknowledging the Microsoft 10 game stutter issue and mentioned that a fix is underway. Hello everyone,  Thanks to all of you who […]

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Game Mode to Allow PCs “Full Processing Power” in the Style of a Console News 2

News 2 The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Game Mode improvements aim to make the tool more useful. With a lot of people experiencing a reduction in gaming performance when using the current version of Game Mode, Microsoft is going to have to do something special.  This time around, Game Mode is being used to make PCs […]

Halo 5: Guardians ‘Anvil’s Legacy’ DLC & Halo 5: Forge For Windows 10 Launch Today News 0

News 0 Halo 5: Guardians’ latest free content update is now available for Xbox One, but developer 343 Industries also comes bearing gifts for fans of the series on the Windows 10 platform as well. Alongside Anvil’s Legacy DLC, which introduces new maps, new REQs, and a fully-featured in-game content browser, the studio is also launching Halo […]

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition & Killer Instinct Announced For Windows 10 News 19

News 19 Respective studios working on the Gears of War and Killer Instinct franchises have announced at E3 2015 that their latest projects will be heading to Microsoft’s Windows 10. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was unveiled as a new Xbox One title — now in beta — earlier this week by The Coalition’s Rod Ferguson as a completely remastered […]

Updated Xbox One Controller Accompanies Launch Of New 1TB Console Later This Month News 64

News 64 Microsoft has unveiled an updated Xbox One wireless controller to launch alongside a recently announced 1TB Xbox One console, coming later this month. The controller, available in black or black/silver camo, sports a 3.5mm stereo headset jack, allowing gamers to plug nearly any gaming headset directly into the controller. Volume, mic monitoring, and balancing options will be […]

Microsoft At GDC – Wireless Xbox One Accessories On PC, Elite: Dangerous Coming To Xbox One News 8

News 8 Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently spoke at this year’s Game Developers Conference, sharing some of the upcoming plans that the company has in store for gaming across Windows 10 devices. In his presentation, Spencer revealed a new Wireless Adaptor that will allow gamers to use any Xbox One wireless gaming accessory, including the Xbox […]

Xbox Comes To Windows 10, Windows 10 Comes to Xbox, Fable Legends To Introduce Cross-Platform Play News 23

News 23 Head of Xbox Phil Spencer took the stage today during Microsoft’s Windows 10 event to unveil the sort of relationship the company plans to build between their new operating system and their current gaming platform, the Xbox One. Just as the Xbox App will be coming to Windows 10, releasing mid-2015, Windows 10 will be […]