Xbox One and PS4 are “…a Generation Ahead of the Highest End PC on the Market,” says EA CTO

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While the dust is finally settling on the Xbox One reveal (and Call of Duty dog gaining plenty of steam), a lot has been made of the console’s raw specs not meeting or exceeding today’s high-end PC’s.

Although the Xbox One may not have the fastest processor clock speed or RAM, that didn’t stop EA’s Chief Technical Officer Rajat Taneja from heaping praise on the “raw horsepower” of the next-gen consoles.

According to Taneja, internal audio and video benchmarks of next-gen consoles revealed performance that is “…8-10 times superior to the current gen [consoles].” Furthermore, Taneja adds that the architecture of the SoC’s on the next-gen consoles “…are a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market.”

If you’d like to see a closer examination of the spec sheets and what they mean for both the PS4 and Xbox One, AnandTech has a nice breakdown for you to view.

After seeing both the PS4 and Xbox One reveals, do you think the games appear to be a full generation ahead of high-end PC games?

Thanks, Polygon

Update: Article changed to show that the first comparison pertained to consoles with the second pertaining to PC.