Xbox One – Internet Connection Required to Authenticate Games Regularly, No Used Game Fees

Earlier, we reported the possibility of Microsoft’s Xbox One requiring an internet connection, but not all the time.

According to sources speaking to Polygon, we learned today that the system “will require a regular online spot check to verify the authenticity of games being played,” writes author Brian Crecente.

Before getting all up in arms, he also writes that “while an internet connection will be required for the console, the company is also experimenting with special exemption codes that could be given to select people in very particular, internet-free situations, like active-duty soldiers serving in war zones.”

It’s worth noting, however, that the sort of system Microsoft decides to use for used games and authentication is still up for debate within the company and is not finalized. As written by Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelzon” Hyrb, Microsoft¬†“will disclose more information in the near future.”

Sources also say that officials have yet to determine the interval of time between checks, though a regular schedule of checks will be required to play games.

These checks will allegedly authenticate games by using an encryption code built into the game’s disc that will be installed to the hard drive. An internet connection will then be required to regularly verify that authentication code tied with that hard drive.¬†If that game is installed to another hard drive on a different Xbox One, it will be deauthenticated on the original machine until re-installed.

Luckily, it is said that Microsoft will not charge gamers to reactivate a used game.

Thanks, Polygon.

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