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Xbox One – Internet Connection Required to Authenticate Games Regularly, No Used Game Fees News 187

News 187 Earlier, we reported the possibility of Microsoft’s Xbox One requiring an internet connection, but not all the time. According to sources speaking to Polygon, we learned today that the system “will require a regular online spot check to verify the authenticity of games being played,” writes author Brian Crecente. Before getting all up in arms, […]

Xbox One – Non-Removable Hard Drives, Requires Internet Connection, and More on Used Games News 101

News 101 We’ve heard a lot today about what Microsoft’s recently unveiled Xbox One can do, but it’s what it can’t do that is having gamers’ concerns run high. For starters, engadget reports that the Xbox One’s hard drive cannot be removed and is not user-serviceable. Speaking to senior director of product planning at Microsoft Albert Panillo, they […]