XDefiant Release Still on Track and Nothing Has Changed; One-Life Modes and Headshot Killfeed Notification Confirmed

XDefiant Release

While Ubisoft has already announced that XDefiant is set for release sometime in “summer,” we still haven’t heard anything about when it will exactly be out. The dev team has issued a new announcement regarding the XDefiant release window, and it’s good news.

Over on Twitter, Producer Mark Rubin announced that the XDefiant release is “still on track” and “nothing has changed” on that front. It’s just a matter now of getting approved by first-party platform holders for certifcation.

For the sake of an easier read, we’ve compiled the entire tweet chain below.

Quick insight into what’s going on right now. We are in the process of getting approved by 1st parties, but because this is our first time getting this version of the engine through cert, it’s going to take a bit longer than usual. Don’t worry, as soon as I have more info……I will share it. Also, I know it’s been some time since our beta already and I know usually that means launch is soon after but for us as we’ve done in the past our betas are real tests and not marketing moments. Normally, a game would already be certing when the beta goes……live, but we used our beta as a real test to make the game better. Hope this all makes sense. 🙂

Also, this is just an update on the process. Nothing is changed on our anticipated release time frame. Although we are still on track we won’t really know until we get reports back from 1st parties on our submission.

Confused what a “first-party” is? Rubin clarified to a fan that it is, in fact, the platform holders.

Offering more insight to the development process, a fan asked Rubin what happens if the game fails its certification.  Rubin confirmed that failing is part of the release schedule, as most games fail its first and even second submission.

On to the gameplay side of things, Rubin confirmed that one-life modes (like Search & Destroy) is indeed incoming, though there is a “lot of work” to get it to its final iteration.

Finally, a fan asked Rubin about the headshot symbol being present in the killfeed and this has been confirmed to be something the dev team missed and it will be added.

Good news all around, right? Hopefully, a proper release date is revealed soon.

XDefiant is headed to the PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions incoming at a later date.

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1 month ago

Hopefully it’s not delayed, i hate when they aren’t more specific about the release date other then saying “sometime this summer”

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