YouTuber Explains How to Combat Super Dash Abusers in Dragon Ball FighterZ

With Dragon Ball FighterZ set to launch on January 26, those thinking about picking up the 3v3 based fighter are doubling down on trying to absorb any information they can, in order to get the upper hand against everyone else on day one.

Among this information I personally think everyone should know when it comes to Dragon Ball FighterZ, is how to deal with those players who are trying to get ‘free’ hits with the Super Dash move. For those who don’t know what a Super Dash is in Dragon Ball FighterZ, its simple. It’s an aerial dash that tracks down your opponent, and if it hits them you are free follow up with a combo.

Though, that’s not all that the Super Dash move does. From my very brief time with the game, thanks to the open beta, or just watching general gameplay, it appears that this move is safe on block. For those who are new to fighting games, it means that even if you block the Super Dash it can’t be punished. This can be a big problem, as people can easily abuse this move for easy victories, or to simply set up some very damaging combos with minimal effort.

However, YouTuber “JmCrofts” shows us how to combat this rather annoying move in one of his recently uploaded videos. You can check out the informative video below:

Thankfully, it appears combating those who will abuse the Super Dash move is pretty easy, as it mostly requires reading your opponents or very quick reflexes. It shouldn’t take too long to learn it.

For more information regarding the mechanics of Dragon Ball FighterZ, you can check out our previous coverage where the auto vs manual combo system is explained.

Dragon Ball FighterZ lands on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms January 26.

Source: JmCrofts (YouTube)

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