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Borderlands 3 Free Co-Op Loot Drop Mini Event Announced News 0

News 0 It’s time for the Borderlands Brigade of players to take up arms and go online again, as 2K has announced a new and free “Co-Op Loot Drop Mini Event” for Borderlands 3, which encourages players to team up with friends to earn more gear and loot as they play this limited time event! Here’s the […]

Borderlands 3 Golden Path Mini-Event Allows Players to Load Up on Legendary Gear Quickly News 1

News 1 Fans of Borderlands 3 are going to get a kick out of the latest event happening right now, as 2K has announced that the “Golden Path” mini-event allows players to load up on legendary gear when completing campaigns and story missions — thereby leveling up their new characters quickly. Here’s the details from the latest […]

Borderlands 3 New Skill Tree for Moze and Zane Revealed News 0

News 0 With Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut coming out this November, 2K and Gearbox have revealed more skill tree sets for the other characters featured in the game! We already know what’s coming for FL4K and Amara, and this time, it’s Moze and Zane’s turn! In a new press release sent by the developers, here’s the new […]

Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2 Announced, Next-Gen Update Details Released News 0

News 0 Borderlands 3 season pass 2 has been announced by 2K and Gearbox in the game’s official website, detailing the next downloadable add-on content. Here’s the details on the next season, which will be released on November 10: Season Pass 2 will include two all-new downloadable content add-ons – Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut – plus brand new looks for all […]

Take-Two Hints at New Major 2K Release and Reveals GTA V as Best-Selling Game of All-Time in US News 0

News 0 During its earnings report, Take-Two revealed the huge amount of success that Grand Theft Auto V has had and continues to have, while also teasing at the release of a “highly anticipated new title from one of 2K’s biggest franchises.” It also gave an idea of just how much money is made from microtransactions.  First, the GTA […]

More Borderlands 2 Content In The Works, Highest Selling 2K Game Ever News 9

News 9 Despite being on the market since September 2012, it appears that Gearbox is not quite done supporting Borderlands 2, as more content is reportedly in the works. A recent third quarter report from Take-Two states that Borderlands 2 is the highest selling title for publisher 2K Games to date with over 8.5 million copies shipped. […]