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Battlefield 3: End Game Now Available For Non-Premium PlayStation 3 Users News 2

News 2 With PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 Premium players getting their hands on Battlefield 3’s latest and also it’s final expansion End Game first, It’s now time for those non-Premium members to finally get a taste of what End Game has to offer. The End Game DLC adds four new maps, the M1911 S-TAC hand gun, new vehicles […]

Battlefield 3: End Game DLC Review – Battlefield 3’s Last “Hooah” Is Its Best One Yet Reviews 56

Reviews 56 End Game is exactly what Battlefield 3 needed. As Battlefield 3’s fifth and final expansion, End Game fills in the empty spaces with the more-than-welcomed addition of two classic Battlefield game modes, a round of four gorgeous Frostbite 2-powered maps, and a number of new ways to play the game with a set of new […]

Battlefield 3: End Game Dropship Spotted in Latest Test Video News 33

News 33 A viewer of YouTuber TheEnd004500 spotted something interesting in a test video featured in the latest Battlefield Blog post about the some of the new maps and vehicles featured in Battlefield 3’s End Game DLC. While the post itself may have been focused the new motor-bike, upon taking a closer look, you can also actually […]

Battlefield 3: End Game “Capture the Flag” Debut Trailer News 38

News 38 DICE has released Capture the Flag Gameplay Premiere for Battlefield 3: End Game. Watch the trailer below for some stunning dirtbike action. Are you a Battlefield 3 Premium member? If so, you can also catch some gameplay footage from the recently announced Air Superiority game mode making its way to End Game here in the Premium […]