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Black Ops 2: Be a Better Teammate – Episode 4 – Finding Teammates News 30

News 30 In this week’s episode of “BABT,” I give you some advice for where to find reliable teammates. As much as I’d like to think of myself as a beast of a player that can carry even the worst of teammates, I know that couldn’t be any farther from the truth.  Despite being pretty good at […]

Black Ops 2: Be A Better Teammate – Episode 3 – PTFO! News 17

News 17 Hello MP1st readers and fellow soldiers on the digital battlefield! In the previous two episodes of BABT, I covered understanding/identifying your playstyle and winning gunfights.  This week I take a look at playing the objective in the various game modes of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I guess being a hardcore objective player makes me dumb to the […]

Black Ops 2: Be A Better Teammate – Episode 2 News 36

News 36 Last week’s episode was devoted to helping you identify and understand your playstyle.  This week, I go in depth regarding winning gunfights. Considering everything about Call of Duty revolves around getting kills, winning gunfights is one of the single most critical components of being a good teammate. If you can’t hold your own, your team will struggle […]