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Cliff Bleszinski on Free-to-Play and Community, More Details on New Project Surface News 7

News 7 Having just announced his return to video game development, Cliff Bleszkinski is dishing out the details on his upcoming free-to-play PC shooter code named BlueStreak. Choosing a Reddit AMA as his vehicle, Bleszinski answered a ton of questions about his new studio, Boss Key, and his new project. Naturally, the most popular questions called for his thoughts […]

Boss Key Founder Cliff Bleszinski Working on Free-to-Play Sci-Fi PC Shooter, More Details Incoming News 25

News 25 Cliff Bleszinski and his new studio, Boss Key, will be teaming up with Nexon to publish a free-to-play PC arena shooter set in a sci-fi universe. The project’s working name is “BlueStreak,” Bleszinski announced on Twitter earlier today, and we’ll be learning a lot more about it tomorrow, July 9. Last December, Bleszinski told “Pointless” […]