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The Staples of CoD Past and Present – MOAB Gameplay Commentary and Article News 40

News 40 In the below video, I discuss at length how each CoD has had something that the community collectively held up as the pinnacle of success.  CoD4 had quickscoping, WAW didn’t really have much of anything, MW2 had the Tactical Nuke, BO1 was all about teamplay and SPM, and finally, MW3 had the hidden 25 gun-only MOAB killstreak.  Each of […]

Call of Duty Elite Achieves “Historic Successes,” 12 Million Registered, 2.3 Million Premium Members News 40

News 40 Activision reveals impressive Call of Duty Elite numbers. “Call of Duty is one of the biggest entertainment franchises of all time, and player engagement with the brand continues to set new records,” says Eric Hirshberg, Chief Executive Officer of Publishing Unit, during a recent Activision Blizzard earnings call. “With Call of Duty Elite, we’ve had historic successes […]

Modern Warfare 3 Collection 3: Chaos Pack, Collection 4: Final Assault and August Elite Content Drops Dated News 34

News 34 More Call of Duty content incoming as Activision has announced the two final collection packs making their way to Modern Warfare 3 in the next couple of months. Collection 3: Chaos Pack will be hitting the Xbox 360 first on August 9 while Collection 4: Final Assault will be dropping on September 6. Activision recently […]

Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Tweaks Hot Fix Notes, PS3 Terminal Update News 54

News 54 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has received a few weapon tweaks earlier today through a hot fix, presumably on all three platforms. A few of the Assault Rifles and SMG’s have receive some extra love, according to the official Call of Duty forums. Check out the update notes below: Assault Rifles Buffed FAD – increased damage and range […]

Modern Warfare 3 August Content Drops “Light ‘Em Up” and “Special Delivery” Officially Detailed News 11

News 11 After many leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming Content Drops for Modern Warfare 3, official details finally surface and we find out what Call of Duty fans can look forward to this August. In the next few weeks, Xbox 360 Elite members will be able to download two brand new Spec Ops missions: Light ‘Em […]

Rumor – Modern Warfare 3 Sept DLC Map Images Leaked: Boardwalk, Gulch and Parish – New Game Mode in August? [Update: Video Added] News 98

News 98 Update 2: Added more screens from Youtuber OMGitsAliA aka Matroix. The original Vimeo video has be taken down, but GameSpot has uploaded a section of the gameplay, you can find below. Update 1: Added leaked gameplay on Modern Warfare 3 map, Parish. Leaked in-game images of Modern Warfare 3’s September DLC drops have seemingly surfaced. A […]

Amazon France Reveals Silver PlayStation 3 Console and Modern Warfare 3 Bundle News 11

News 11 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 may have been in the hands of gamers for several months already, but Sony is hoping that the uber-popular FPS will help them sell a few more PlayStation 3 consoles overseas. Oh, and they’re also throwing a nice new coat of paint over top of it as well. Amazon […]

Modern Warfare 3 Major Updates Incoming: Terminal Issues, Matchmaking, Weapon Tweaks and More News 66

News 66 Another busy week of Modern Warfare 3 news: from PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite subscribers receiving their respective July drops including all 360 gamers getting the free Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal, to Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin revealing some big updates on the horizon. Previously I reported on this month’s Content Drops, how spawns work and […]

Report – Modern Warfare 3 September DLC Maps Spotted? News 30

News 30 Earlier today, Infinity Ward announced July’s Elite Drops to include two brand new Modern Warfare 3 adversarial multiplayer maps, Offshore and Decommission, on top of the already mentioned Spec Ops mission, Vertigo. Click here for some neat images and descriptions of the new drops set to release on the 17th of July. What comes as a […]

Massive Steam Summer Sale On Now – Modern Warfare 3, Max Payne 3, Arma II and Much More News 6

News 6 Steam is holding a massive summer sale beginning today, July 12th, all the way through to the 22nd. According to Valve’s press release, “gamers will find amazing deals on thousands of games. The Summer Sale will again feature more than straight discounts, offering Daily Deals, Flash Sales, and ‘Customer Choice’ Sales, the latter allowing gamers […]

Infinity Ward Asks You To Vote For New MW3 Face Off Game Modes News 22

News 22 Infinity Ward’s Community Coordinator, Candice Capen, has announced that Face Off will be receiving some attention in the terms of new games modes featured alongside the standard Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed set-up on the 2v2 and 3v3 playlists. A few days ago, base playlists were also put to a poll which currently has ‘Snipers only/No Snipers’ and […]

Modern Warfare 3 Hot Fixes Tonight, Details on Upcoming Patches News 15

News 15 Update: The official MW3 website has released notes for the latest hotfix: Player Stats: Fix for both team’s receiving losses at the end of a round based gametype (Demolition, CTF, Search & Destroy) Map: Lookout Fix for players being able to hide behind tarp Fix for stealth bomber not damaging players Original Story: Tonight, Modern […]

Leaked Modern Warfare 3 ‘Terminal’ Gameplay News 91

News 91 Update: (June 28th) The video below has been slapped with a copyright claim by Activision, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Activision Games Inc.” Thanks to NextGenTactics‘ SpiderBite for bringing this to our attention. Original Story: Gameplay footage of the Modern Warfare 2 map ‘Terminal’ has been leaked. However, you may […]

Modern Warfare 3 June Elite DLC Drops Review Reviews 15

Reviews 15 Today, Xbox 360 Elite Premium users got a taste of June’s content which includes three brand new Face Off maps titled Vortex, U-Turn and Intersection, along with another Spec Ops mission titled Arctic Recon. As always, I’ll be reviewing these drops for you in case you aren’t an Elite Premium member. Before we start, I’d […]

Modern Warfare 3 – June Xbox 360 Elite Content Drops Revealed, Last Set of Faceoff Maps News 52

News 52 Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward reveals the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Elite Content Drops ahead of the Elite Content Calendar. According to Rubin’s statements on Twitter, Call of Duty: Elite members on the Xbox 360 can expect a brand new Spec Ops mission as well as three new Faceoff maps tomorrow, June 19. […]

Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 on PlayStation 3 Dated News 15

News 15 PS3 users can grab their markers and circle June 21st on their calendars as the day to download Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2. Infinity Ward’s official Twitter account recently announced the date Collection 2 releases and detailed the contents included: “Collection 2 releases for PS3 on 6/21. Includes – MP maps: Sanctuary, Foundation, Oasis + 2 […]

Modern Warfare 3 – Shipment and Rust Remakes a Possibility News 71

News 71 According to the official Infinity Ward Facebook account, remakes of classic Modern Warfare Shipment and Rust are, indeed, a possibility for future DLC. Only a few moments ago, Infinity Ward made this statement via their official Facebook account. We just put in some requests to our MP design team which could lead to some of your […]

[Updated] Modern Warfare 3 Might Get 3v3 Face Off News 20

News 20 Update 2: Infinity Ward has announced that “3v3 should be fixed now.” Update 1: It seems that public 3v3 Face Off playlists have indeed been added to Modern Warfare 3, but not without its issues. Infinity Ward has stated, “we are aware of the 3v3 party limit (of 2), and we are addressing it very soon. We apologize […]

Modern Warfare 3 Free Face Off Maps, Erosion and Aground, Now Live On Xbox 360 News 9

News 9 With a download size of 157.53, two brand new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 maps, Erosion and Aground are now live on both the Xbox Live Marketplace for absolutely free. Available to all Xbox Live users, including non-CoD Elite members, Erosion and Aground also come packed with the brand new 1v1 and 2v2 game mode, […]

Modern Warfare 3: Collection 2 Review Reviews 8

Reviews 8 Yesterday, the minds behind Modern Warfare 3’s DLC gave Xbox 360 ELITE users the May DLC drops a week before the scheduled Collection 2 release. Since most of this will be packed into that Collection bundle, I’ll review these drops in case you’re wondering if it’s worth picking up or not. I’ll also get into […]

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