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Battlefield 3’s Caspian Border Meticulously Re-Created in Minecraft News 18

News 18 We love it when gamers get bored. Why? They produce amazing stuff like this. Minecraft player and forum user Mozone, who must have recently just come out of a long streak of boredom, meticulously and painstakingly recreated the entirety of one of Battlefield 3’s larget maps, Caspian Border, in the world of Minecraft. Upon inspecting the image below, you’ll […]

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Maps Revealed Pt. 2 News 6

News 6 The final 5 multiplayer maps for Battlefield 3 have been revealed on the Battleblog, making a total of 9 areas for you and your friends to battle it out in total warfare! Make sure to check out the previous 4 maps here. Let us know which ones you are most excited for in the comment section […]

DICE: BF3 on “PS3… A Focus From The Start” and Caspian Border on Console Beta a Possibility News 23

News 23 In the opinion of many gamers, many recent multiplatform games seem slightly, but noticeably under-developed on the ported platforms when produced with a lead platform in mind. One example we could look at is Call of Duty: Black Ops, who’s lead platform was the Xbox 360. On release, the game ran smoothly on the 360 […]