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List of Every Modern Warfare 3 Ban Explained News 22

News 22 Robert Bowling goes into detail of every possible ban that Modern Warfare 3 players might receive for various offenses. With the recent bans going out to prestige token exploiters, Bowling has listed on the official forums what every offence entails. Boosting Any player demonstrating ‘game abuse’ in the form of organizing cooperative or single game play for the purpose of […]

Bowling on Modern Warfare 3 Banning Process – “We’ll Stay Vigilant” News 7

News 7 Robert Bowling talks about Modern Warfare 3’s banning process. As we reported earlier, Infinity Ward is doing everything in its power to keep cheaters and boosters from ruining the game. Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, reassures that boosters who turn recording off to fly under the radar can still be banned by the security team. Robert explains […]