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GTA Online ‘Crew’ Feature Detailed, Resembles Crime Family Tree News 8

News 8 Much like Max Payne 3‘s online component in which featured ‘Crews‘ – a clan feature that featured a crew leader and members put into sub-groups depending on what they specialize – Rockstar Games have confirmed that GTA Online will be bringing back the Crew feature, but with a twist. According to a recent blog update, […]

Crews Created in Max Payne 3 will Carry Over to GTA V Multiplayer, Rockstar Considers MP to be “Ever More Important” News 16

News 16 Rockstar Games’ co-founder and Grand Theft Auto V’s co-writer, Dan Houser has spilled the beans on the first GTA V multiplayer details. “Multiplayer is an ever-more important part of all our games moving forward,” Houser told IGN. He went on to emphasize the role Social Club plays in solidifying the multiplayer experience across Rockstar’s franchises. He explained, “by creating crews through Social Club, the […]