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Dear Microsoft Regarding Always Online DRM News 108

News 108 There’s been a lot of buzz regarding the next Xbox’s security features, namely it’s supposed always online requirement. Needless to say, this, if true, is a horrible idea.  Not only could it have major negative impact on users, it centralizes their security infrastructure in a way that’s borderline dangerous and certainly “iffy.” As consumers, we shouldn’t be forced to deal with […]

Next-Gen Console Rumor Round-Up: Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, Steam Box and OUYA News 47

News 47 Next-gen buzz is at an all-time high as we inch closer to the hardware reveals – platforms on which you’ll be gaming for roughly the next decade – of companies like Microsoft and Sony. New rumors regarding Microsoft’s next project have surfaced while Sony fans look forward to a potential reveal of the next PlayStation this […]