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Medal of Honor: Warfighter will Feature ‘Blue on Blue’ Playlist, has BF3’s ‘Micro-Destruction and Amazing Lighting’ News 31

News 31 EA senior creative director Richard Farrelly talks Medal of Honor Warfighter, ‘Blue on Blue’, Frostbite 2, and Battlefield 3 comparisons. In an interview with CVG, Richard Farrelly sheds some light on several topic regarding the multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor Warfighter. Farelly assured that Danger Close is up to the task of developing both […]

BF3 – Day/Night Cycles in MP? All Gametypes on All Maps and More Responsive Controls News 15

News 15 One of the biggest differences between the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises that you will hear many fans talk about is the differences in the responsiveness of the controls. Many argue that Call of Duty has very fast paced, fluid and responsive controls, which it needs being a twitch shooter and all. The controls […]