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Gears of War: Judgment Lost Relics DLC – Catch a Flythrough of All Four New Maps News 7

News 7 Gears of War: Judgment Lost Relics drops tomorrow on the Xbox 360 and Epic Games, along with People Can Fly, have a set of flythrough videos of the four brand new locations available in this multiplayer DLC. Along with new armor and weapon mods, the DLC is also bringing a brand new game mode to […]

Gears Of War: Judgment Overrun Multiplayer Demo Now Live News 2

News 2 Are you on the fence about purchasing the latest installment of the Gears Of War franchise? Luckily, the folks over at Microsoft have a pleasant surprise in store for you in the form of a Gears Of War: Judgment playable demo on the Xbox 360. It includes the Overrun multiplayer game mode and will set your […]

Gears Of War: Judgment – Microtransactions Will Allow Players To Purchase Double XP News 25

News 25 In what seems to slowly becoming an industry trend, more and more games are supporting microtransactions, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 being one of the most recent. You can now add another game that’s going that same route, as People can Fly’s Gears Of War: Judgment is set to include microtransactions that nets […]