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Grand Theft Auto V Gets a PC, PS4, and Xbox One Release Date News 43

News 43 Leave it to Rockstar to make the announcement everyone’s been waiting for in style. The studio’s latest trailer, captured on PlayStation 4 and featuring our favorite trio of loveable bank robbers along with a colorful cast of supporting characters, unveils that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch […]

Learn to Fly in GTA Online’s San Andreas Flight School Update, Arrives Tuesday News 11

News 11 This Tuesday, pilots will take to the virtual skies of San Andreas in a brand new update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The San Andreas Flight School Update will offer a collection of new air and land vehicle while tossing in a few new solo challenges as well, […]

GTA Online – Rockstar Verifies 10 New Player-Created Jobs News 11

News 11 Making the best of Grand Theft Auto Online’s recently launched Content Creator, developers Rockstar have verified a brand new batch of player-created jobs for everyone to participate in. In a recent blog post, the studio highlighted ten new jobs created by the GTA Online community that are now available on both the Xbox 360 and […]

XBL Deal Of The Week Discounts GTA V and Other GTA Content, Crews Now Support 1,000 Members News 1

News 1 This week’s Xbox Live Deal Of The Week is all about Grand Theft Auto. According to Major Nelson, GTA IV and its expansions, The Lost And The Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony, will be heavily discounted for the week of February 4 to February 10 on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Check out the details […]

Grand Theft Auto V Ships 32.5 Million Copies To Date, Highest Selling Title Of 2013 News 24

News 24 Rockstar Games is on a steam roll with impressive records for the open-world sandbox hit Grand Theft Auto V. If surpassing 1 billion in sales within its first three days of launch wasn’t enough, GTA V has shipped 32.5 millions copies to date, according to Take Two’s fiscal third quarter 2014 report, making it the best selling video […]

GTA Online Title Update Now Live on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Addresses Stability Issues and More News 33

News 33 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users can look forward to a brand new title update the next time the log in to Grand Theft Auto Online. The update addresses a number of issues but, most importantly, improves overall stability of the online mode and allows players to progress past the initial race tutorial, which, up […]

5 Ways to Prepare For Grand Theft Auto 5 (Including Studying This Leaked Map of Los Santos) News 45

News 45 Grand Theft Auto V is set to release next Tuesday and the question you should be asking yourself right now is “am I prepared?” If not, then you should probably follow these five steps to help set yourself up for a good time with GTA V. Step 1: Schedule Days Off Why would you even bother […]

PSA: Grand Theft Auto V Has Officially Gone Gold, Be Warned of Leaks News 43

News 43 As of today, Rockstar Games is proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto V has officially gone gold and is set to release on September 17th on the PS3 and Xbox 360 without any delays. The publishers are currently in the process of readying the discs that’ll be shipped out to retailers in the next few […]

Grand Theft Auto 5 Achievements/Trophies List Revealed News 22

News 22 With less then a month to go from the official release of one this year’s highly anticipated titles, Grand Theft Auto V, you can expect more details to slowly make it’s way around the interwebs. In fact, if you missed it, be sure to check out the recently revealed GTA Online, which will launch October […]

Rockstar Reveals Grand Theft Auto Online In This Brand New Gameplay Trailer News 56

News 56 Rockstar Games has, at last, revealed what it will be like to play Grand Theft Auto 5 online with this brand new Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay trailer. With GTA Online, Rockstar has taken “fundamental GTA concepts of freedom, ambient activity and mission-based gameplay and made them available to multiple players in an incredibly detailed […]

Nvidia Investor Call Claims Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Set To Release on PC This Fall [Updated] News 17

News 17 Update “Please note, during our Thursday’s earnings call, our investor relations team provided a list of important games that gamers are looking forward to on PC this fall, and included Grand Theft Auto V on that list. This statement was made with the intent of expressing enthusiasm for the games industry in general, and was not intended to […]

Grand Theft Auto Online Debuts This Thursday, DLC Confirmed Along With Region Support News 56

News 56 Rockstar Games is set to reveal some big news this week as they have confirmed that they will be debuting a new gameplay trailer, pertaining to that of Grand Theft Auto: Online. With the gameplay trailer you can expect a number of previews to surface as well, which will give us an more in depth […]

Grand Theft Auto V Fans Piece Together Los Santos Map [Updated] News 25

News 25 A group of hardcore Grand Theft Auto fans recently took the trouble to gather every single snippet of Los Santos, the fictional city in which Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto V takes place, and has placed all pieces of the map together to create one big map. This is, of course, the work of fans […]

Grand Theft Auto V Special And Collector’s Edition Available for Pre-Order, First Multiplayer Details News 20

News 20 After being tight-lipped for some time, aside from releasing handful of jaw-dropping GTAV screens a few weeks ago, Rockstar has recently revealed the special and collectors edition of their blockbuster sandbox game, Grand Theft Auto V, and has now put them up for pre-order. What exactly will Rockstar will be including in these special editions you say? […]

New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Show Off Even More GTA Action News 43

News 43 Over the past few days, the team behind Grand Theft Auto V, Rocktar Games, has been slowly releasing new screens of their upcoming sand box shooter that showcases a plethora of activities you can be sure to indulge in once it arrives September 17th on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Check out a whole […]

Grand Theft Auto V – PC and “Uncut” Editions Spotted On German Retailer Listings News 45

News 45 PC listings of Grand Theft Auto V have been spotted on various German video game retailer sites. Originally, Rockstar games announced GTA V to release September 17 solely for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, with a PC and Wii U version only “up for consideration.” Now, listings spotted on and suggest that a PC version of GTA […]

Watch the New Grand Theft Auto V Trailers for Michael, Franklin, and Trevor News 23

News 23 Rockstar Games has finally posted the new GTA V trailers for all three protagonists. Meet Michael, Franklin and Trevor. You’ll be getting to know them well when GTA V drops on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this September 17. Any character you took a liking to in particular? Let us know in the comments!

PC and Wii U Version of Grand Theft Auto V Only “Up For Consideration,” According to Rockstar News 29

News 29 Rockstar Games discusses the state of Grand Theft Auto V on the PC and other platforms like the Wii U. As of right now, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is expected to drop Spring 2013 on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 with the PC and Wii U versions only “up for consideration,” Rockstar’s Dan […]

Second Grand Theft Auto V Trailer is Awesome, Multiplayer To Innovate News 16

News 16 After being delayed, the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V is finally here and, oh my, does it not disappoint. Very impressive, and judging from the tone, this will be a very different GTA from what we are all use to. Check out the new screens too. So what’s the news on Multiplayer? Well, […]

New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Show Off Protagonists, Street Racing, Jet Fighting and More News 20

News 20 A boat-load of gorgeous new Grand Theft Auto 5 screens have hit the net. In the gallery below, we get a better look at the three main protagonists, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Also, look out for more helicopter action, jet fighting, street racing and a look at some of the visually stunning scenery that Los […]

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