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Nioh Farming Guide – Earn 500K to 800K Amrita In Just Five Minutes News 20

News 20 In this guide we show you how to earn some large amount of Amrita to help you on the End Game journey. Nioh is now available exclusively on the PS4.

The Complete Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta Guide News 20

News 20 Ubisoft has released released a complete and comprehensive guide to the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier multiplayer beta. It includes faction, class and weapon details as well as maps, game modes and other features included in the beta. Most importantly, it also features a beta timeline so you can keep track of important dates. The […]

Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Guide #1 – M4A1, M16A4, SCAR, CM901, and Type 95 News 9

News 9 XboxAhoy makes some of the best weapon guides you’ll ever see. In fact he was hired to produce some videos for Call of Duty’s Elite service. On his YouTube channel, he kicked off his Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Express Guide with the first 5 unlocks in the assault rifles’ class, M4A1, M16A4, SCAR, CM901, and Type 95. Make sure […]