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Battlefield 3 Live Scoreboard Now Available on Battlelog, PC Server Update Due Early Next Week News 11

News 11 While Battlefield 3 PC players are enjoying a brand new Battlelog feature, the Live Scoreboard, they’re still waiting on an upcoming server updated to fix some major bugs that were introduced in the latest patch. DICE recently announced via their new Battlelog Twitter account that they’ve “now rolled out the Live Scoreboard to all players in […]

Incoming Battlefield 3 Battlelog Update – the Live Scoreboard News 20

News 20 Gone are the days of joining a server at its last five tickets or last five seconds! In the coming weeks, the Battlelog will be receiving an interesting update called the Live Scoreboard. The Live Scoreboard is exactly what it sounds like, a scoreboard that can be viewed live – at the same time as […]