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The “Moments” Of Battlefield 3 – Amazing Machinima by Robert Stoneman News 13

News 13 Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you what is most likely the best Battlefield 3 machinima you will ever have the pleasure of viewing. Now, this video may be a tad old by now, but it certainly deserves a spotlight here on MP1st. You may remember Robert Stoneman whose first Battlefield 3 machinima, “One,” Was […]

Amazing Battlefield 3 Machinima – The Siege News 17

News 17 In our last amazing Battlefield 3 machinima, we brought you a look into the story of one soldier’s vengeful rampage in the suspenseful and dramatic video, The Power of “One”. Today, we bring you a scene straight out of an action-packed hollywood movie as Reddit user Patwwa treats our eyes to an epic battle set in Battlefield 3’s […]

MW3 Elite Clans Can Earn Double XP Weekends – Paid Elite Members Contribute More – Clan Cap is 100 News 10

News 10 Noah Heller, Product Manager at Beachhead Studios, reveals some of Modern Warfare 3’s features. In a recent interview, Noah Heller shed some light on the new clan system by saying, Clans have levels so you can level your clan up. If you max out your clan’s level, you unlock a weekend of double XP for […]