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EA: “Frostbite 2 Was Built For The Next Generation” and Why It’s Being Used For MoH: Warfighter News 42

News 42 Head of EA Games label Patrick Soderlund talks Frostbite 2 and how the engine will embrace the next generation of consoles, revealing that DICE intentionally developed the engine for PC in preparation for next gen. While Battlefield 3 looks great across the board in terms of visuals, it’s noticeable that the PC version is still […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Revealed – DICE Will Not Develop Multiplayer News 23

News 23 A follow up to 2010’s Medal of Honor has been speculated for quite some time now. After all, COO, Peter Moore, did boast a strong line-up of military shooters being published by EA in the next couple of years. With Battlefield 3 now out the door, EA can begin focusing other shooters that they have loaded in […]