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Report – Silencer to be Added to Counter-Strike GO After Balance Issues Are Ironed Out News 16

News 16 Valve has promised to add the silencer attachment to Counter-Strike Global Offensive once all remaining balance issues are addressed. At the E-Sports World Cup 2012, Valve spoke to the tournament players in regards to adding the silencer. Cadred was able to speak with one of the attendees, who had the following to say, “[Valve] talked to us […]

Black Ops 2 Dev to Respond to Multiplayer Balancing Complaints By ‘Killing People With Facts’ News 92

News 92 Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar, Black Ops 2’s Game Design Director, has shed some light on how the studio will go about balancing the multiplayer component in the latest Call of Duty title. Vonderhaar’s approach to balancing will be mathematical in the sense that he is looking at the game’s overall date and what story it’s telling. “There’s a lot of instrumentation […]