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Need for Speed Heat Cars List News 0

News 0 For racing game fans — be it arcade racers or sims — one of the most important parts of the game are no doubt the cars you’ll be able to drive. If you’re curious what kind of machines you’ll be able to burn rubber in Need for Speed Heat, we’re here to satisfy that curiosity! […]

Need for Speed Heat Trophies List Revealed News 0

News 0 With Need for Speed Heat’s release date of November 8 fast approaching, EA has revealed one of the gaming populace’s favorite things to ponder on, and that’s the Trophies/Achievements. Below are the (almost) complete Need for Speed Heat Trophies list! Humble Beginnings Reach REP level 2 10G, Bronze, 10pts Notorious Reach REP level 50 40G, […]

Need for Speed Heat Gameplay Drags Its Way Out News 0

News 0 With the Need for Speed Heat reveal taking place just last week and mostly just rendered footage, a lot of people (including me) expected Need for Speed Heat gameplay to make its way out at gamescom, which starts today. Today, EA did just that with a new Need for Speed Heat gameplay trailer released just […]

Need for Speed Heat Won’t Have Loot Boxes, Post-Launch Paid DLC to Include Car Packs and More News 0

News 0 Earlier today, EA finally revealed Need for Speed Heat with more gameplay details set to be revealed at gamescom. Given EA is the publisher, some might be assuming that we’ll see Need for Speed Heat loot boxes at launch or sometime after. In a rather surprising move, that won’t happen at all. Over on the […]

Need for Speed Heat Release Date Set for Nov. 8, Deluxe Edition Contents Confirm Character Customization News 1

News 1 Just now, EA has unleashed the Need for Speed Heat reveal trailer, and in it, we now have confirmation of the Need for Speed Heat release date has been confirmed for November 8, for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition to that, the PlayStation Store has also listed the Need for Speed Heat […]

Need for Speed Heat Reveal Trailer Races Out News 0

News 0 After numerous leaks, EA has finally unveiled the new Need for Speed game titled “Need for Speed Heat.” Set to launch later this year, this new racing game is once again being developed by Ghost Games which developed the last three Need for Speed titles (Rivals, Need for Speed, Need for Speed Payback). Check out […]

Need for Speed Heat Confirmed as Title of NFS 2019 via Leak News 0

News 0 Just a few weeks ago, Need for Speed Heat was leaked by a retailer as the rumored name of the this year’s Need for Speed game. And today we have gotten confirmation via YouTube and Facebook that this is indeed the name EA will go with Need for Speed 2019! The first confirmation of this […]

EA Is Purging Need for Speed Social Media and YouTube of Past Game References Ahead of Need for Speed 2019 Reveal News 1

News 1 Earlier today, we reported that EA is finally starting to promote and officially reveal this year’s Need for Speed game, which is set to start this Wednesday. Apparently, that’s not all the publisher is doing, as it’s also removing everything referencing past titles for the franchise, too. Over on the official Need for Speed YouTube […]

Need for Speed 2019 Countdown Is Live Now News 0

News 0 After numerous confirmations that a new Need for Speed game is coming out this year, EA has finally kickstarted what appears to be the official reveal! Today, EA has started the Need for Speed 2019 countdown, which I assume will show us gameplay, the official title, and more for this new racing game. Checking the […]

Report: Need for Speed 2019 Outed by Austrian Store to Be Titled “Need for Speed Heat” and Launches This Year News 0

News 0 While we already know that a new Need for Speed game is set to race out this year according to EA themselves, it seems we now know what the official title will be! Gameware, which is an Austrian online game retailer, seems to have leaked the official title of the Need for Speed 2019 entry, […]

Need for Speed 2019: No Announcements Planned at E3, Dev Team Confirms It’s Due This Year News 0

News 0 Electronic Arts will not have any press conference during E3. In fact, the press conference will be replaced by multiple livestreams that will air during the first two days of the event. This makes players wonder about whether or not new EA games would be announced this year. Fortunately, it seems like there are still […]

New Need for Speed Game, New Plants vs. Zombies Shooter Coming This Fall News 0

News 0 Racing fans might remember that the last Need for Speed game we got was need for Speed Payback back in 2017, which was developed by Ghost Games. After a year’s break, it seems we’ll be getting a new Need for Speed game later this year, and even a new entry in the Plants vs. Zombies: […]

Need for Speed Payback Update Races Out, Here’s What’s New News 1

News 1 Ghost Games has released a new Need for Speed Payback update, which is out now! Clocking in at 5.6GB on the PlayStation 4 version, this title update brings in new activities, cars, and more. First up, check out the new cars and how the “Bait Crates” system has been tweaked. AllDrive: Activities Drift Zones, Speed […]

Need for Speed Payback Online Free Roam Coming This Year News 0

News 0 If you were hoping for a Need for Speed Payback online free roam functionality to make its way into the game, then you’re in luck as that’s exactly what you’ll be getting later this year! According to the official Need for Speed Twitter account, Need for Speed Payback online free roam is coming in 2018! […]

Need for Speed Payback Speedcross Update Trailer Details All You Need to Know News 0

News 0 December 19 is the date when the first big update hits Need for Speed Payback. Named “Speedcross,” the update boasts two new cars, a brand new car class, and sixteen Speedcross events. There’s a bunch of other new features and improvements being added, too. The update will be available at no additional cost to Deluxe Edition […]

Need for Speed Payback Update Races Out, Here’s What’s New News 0

News 0 Ghost Games has a new Need for Speed Payback update race out. and there’s both a client-side update, and an actual patch. Called NFS Payback update 1.04 on the PlayStation 4, the patch is live on all platforms and close to 5GB! Check out the NFS Payback patch notes below (via EA): The Changes – […]

Need for Speed Payback Update Increases In-Game Rewards, Is “Phase One” of Changes News 0

News 0 A new Need for Speed Payback update is now available across all platforms. Its purpose is “to make the progression, especially around the ownership of cars, a much more enjoyable experience.”  The update increases in-game rewards across a variety of events, allowing players to progress at an increased speed.  Here’s a list of what’s changed: – Increased […]

Need for Speed Payback Trailer Showcases Key Characters & Features News 0

News 0 Need for Speed Payback has officially launched across PC, PS4 and Xbox One. To celebrate the release, a new trailer has been published. Clocking in at under two minutes, the video doesn’t hang around for long, but still manages to give a rundown of the game’s key characters and features. Take a look below: Play an […]

Need for Speed Payback Update Fixes Crash Issues, Sound Problems & More News 0

News 0 With the Need for Speed Payback Standard Edition launching today, Ghost Games has given the game a “day one” patch. The patch fixes several problems, including: crash issues which appear during initial loading, sound issues and more. Find the full list of patch notes below: Patch 01 Improved game performance during the event ‘Solar Sprint’ The event […]

Need for Speed Dev Defends Microtransactions, Says Making Games Is “More Expensive Than It’s Ever Been” News 0

News 0 In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ghost Games’ executive producer Marcus Nilsson spoke about how microtransactions are a necessity. He believes that, with games costing more money to produce and retail prices remaining at $60 for the standard editions, developers need to find ways to make money elsewhere.  It’s clear prices haven’t really gone up. […]

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