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On Premium Content Subscriptions – Corporate Greed, or the Path to Open Source Gaming? News 54

News 54 Hello, my name is BOSS jediZOHAN and I want to thank MP1st for bringing me on as a contributor.  Without their support, you’d probably never see this.  More importantly though, you wouldn’t have this great website giving you all the latest info on everything MP.  That said, I’d also like to extend a HUGE thanks […]

How Online Shooters Should Go Pay-to-Play News 11

News 11 Mention “subscription-based play” to an online shooter fan, and be prepared to settle in for a vitriolic, hate-filled rant as to the “milking” of customers and the gall of greedy game publishers. Had Activision, EA, or any other publisher decided to charge monthly to play their respective games online, it would have been a guaranteed […]