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Watch Titanfall’s ‘Free The Frontier’ Series Spliced Together Into One Impressive Short Film News 4

News 4 Debuting at Gamescom 2014, Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment presented Playfight‘s ‘Free The Frontier’ mini-series spliced together as one impressive short film. Directed by William Chang, the film brings Titanfall’s universe to live-action. It’s a pretty cool watch that you can check out above. In addition, the studio also announced during EA’s Gamescom 2014 media briefing […]

Respawn and Playfight Announce Collaboration on Titanfall Video Content News 9

News 9 Respawn Entertainment is teaming up with Toronto-based VFX studio Playfight to produce live action video content based on the upcoming Xbox and PC sci-fi shooter, Titanfall. According to Respawn’s Dusty Welch, exactly what “this collaboration brings is yet to unfold…,” but we do know that Playfight is known for their high quality live action films […]