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Are Single-Player Games Getting Shorter? Now vs. Then News 0

News 0 Sponsored by Written by Thomas Hissink Muller from The most popular games of this decade are mostly multiplayer games (we can actually hear someone screaming “Fortnite!” right now). Gaming is more popular than ever and developers have been making games more and more accessible. It seems like games of this generation are not […]

Fortnite Skins People Want to See News 0

News 0 (Sponsored by PlayerAuctions) Skins Players Want for Fortnite People have an affinity for dressing up as someone, or something, they’re not (case in point: cosplay). This extends to player avatars in any video game that allows customization. Features allowing players to dress up player characters in different fashions isn’t a new thing at all. Today, […]

Rocket League Half Flip – How to Master News 0

News 0 Sponsored by PlayerAuctions Rocketing Your Way to Half Flip Mastery While playing Rocket League, have you ever gone into full nitro mode only to overshoot your mark and have someone else wrestle ball control from you? Quite a frustrating scenario, isn’t it? In such instances, your only recourse is to be quick about your turnaround […]