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Battalion 1944 Beta & Early Access Release Dates Confirmed, Alongside New Gameplay Trailer News 0

News 0 Battalion 1944 is a WWII-themed PC shooter which tripled its KickStarter goal back in February 2016. In the time between then and now, developer Bulkhead Interactive has created a game that is almost ready for its Steam Early Access release. First, however, there’s a closed beta for eager players to sign up for. The closed beta will […]

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Creative Director Departs Naughty Dog for Avengers Game News 0

News 0 Shaun Escayg, creative director on Naughty Dog‘s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, has left the famed developer after seven years. Shaun joined the developer in the early development years of the critically acclaimed The Last of Us. Seven years ago I joined the talented team at @Naughty_Dog on a project still in its infancy, The Last […]

Square Enix CEO Thinks Microtransactions Better Suited for Mobile Games Than Console Games News 8

News 8 With how things have escalated between the gaming community and EA regarding Star Wars Battlefront II, the term “microtransactions” is a hot button topic right now — and with good reason. Most video game publishers want to implement microtransactions in their games to further bolster the title’s earning potential and revenue stream. While this tactic […]

New Tomb Raider Game Announced With a Hidden Message News 0

News 0 Here’s a new one. Instead of a countdown for a trailer, or a reveal, Square Enix has announced a new Tomb Raider game on social media — Twitter, in fact. The entire message can be read below in the tweet. A message to our fans! — Tomb Raider (@tombraider) December 7, 2017 It reads: […]

Upcoming Final Fantasy XV Patch Will Feature Several Tweaks to Comrades Mode News 0

News 0 An upcoming Final Fantasy XV update will launch on December 12, making several changes to the Comrades multiplayer. What’s more, there are further updates planned for 2018, but details are scarce for now. Find the list of patch notes for update 1.1.0 below: Fixes – Cases where the player’s level does not rise – Cases where […]

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Co-Op Mode Launches Next Week News 0

News 0 Following a short delay, the Final Fantasy XV co-op mode “Comrades” will finally be releasing on November 15. (It was originally planned to launch October 31.) The new release date was tweeted out by the official FFXV Japanese Twitter account: 【 #戦友 は 11/15】 『戦友』の配信日が、 11月15日 に決定いたしました。 これまで長らくお待ちいただいた方に、心より感謝いたします。 詳細は公式HPよりご確認ください ⇒ #FF15 — FINAL FANTASY XV (@FFXVJP) November […]

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Co-Op Mode Expansion Delayed News 0

News 0 I’ve got bad news for Final Fantasy fans looking forward to the upcoming Comrades expansion. The original planned release date of October 31, has now been pushed back to “early November.” Square Enix isn’t providing an exact new launch date, but has said that the delay is due “to final adjustments and to create the best possible experience.” Due […]

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 Brings New Quests, Dungeons, Raids & More News 0

News 0 Square Enix has released patch 4.1, “The Legend Returns” for Final Fantasy XIV. The update introduces new main scenario quests, 24-player alliance raids, side quests, and much more. You can find the full list of patch notes below: Main Scenario Quests – The liberation of Ala Mhigo by the resistance signals the end of an era […]

Here’s 8 Minutes of Gravel Gameplay, the New Racer From Square Enix News 0

News 0 Published by Square Enix, and developed by Milestone, Gravel is an arcade racer with a lot of talent at the helm.  GameSpot has provided a look at the Cross Country, Wild Rush, Speed Cross, and Stadium modes, which can be viewed in the video below. Get a taste of Square Enix’s arcade racing game Gravel with an […]

Square Enix to Focus on Games That “Customers Can Enjoy More and Play Longer” News 0

News 0 Square Enix‘s president and representative director, Yosuke Matsuda, has spoken about the way that “multiplayer games have taken the lead” over single-player titles, and how Square Enix will focus more on titles that “customers can enjoy more and play longer.” “Gone are the days in which single-player games were of primary status and multiplayer games […]

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer “Comrades” Trailer Shows off Gameplay & Release Date News 0

News 0 Square Enix showcased a new Final Fantasy XV multiplayer “Comrades” trailer during TGS 2017. It featured a montage of cooperative gameplay, as well as a release date. The new expansion is set to release October 31, 2017. For the first time, Final Fantasy XV players will be able to create their own character and join […]

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Video Explores the Closed Beta Experience News 0

News 0 If you’re feeling left out of the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta, we’ve got the next best thing. Pixel Enemy content producer Tesseract Unfolded has recorded his first look at the closed beta, and Square Enix is allowing him to show it. Nice! As for what you can experience in the closed beta, here’s the official description: Players […]

When And Where To Watch E3 2015 News 10

News 10 One week away from E3 2015, it’s time to find out exactly when and where you can catch all the exciting news and announcements coming from our favorite video game publishers and developers. While they’ll all be hanging out in Los Angeles, CA early next week, you’ll be able to keep up with every little […]

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