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Call of Duty Player Behind Kansas Swatting Incident Arrested and Charged News 0

News 0 The Los Angeles man behind the fake emergency call that lead to a “swatting” incident where an innocent person was killed was arrested, and is now being charged with involuntary manslaughter. Tyler Bariss, 25, is accused of causing the death of Andrew Finch, 28, due to the reckless action of phoning in a fake hostage […]

Call of Duty $1.50 Wager Dispute Results in Casualty Due to “Swatting” in Kansas News 0

News 0 A man in Wichita, Kansas, is dead after police shot and killed him during a response to what was thought to be an on-going hostage situation that turned out to be a hoax. Police are now investigating the incident to determine if a case of “swatting” occurred as a result of a wager dispute between […]