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Elder Scrolls Online “War in Cyrodiil” PvP Trailer, Launches This April News 2

News 2 The upcoming MMO take on the popular Elder Scrolls series gets a release date as developers launch a brand new trailer outlining PvP in The Elder Scrolls Online. Both PC and MAC users will be able to get their hands on The Elder Scrolls Online this April 4, 2014. The game is also coming to […]

Be Who You Want to Be in The Elder Scrolls Online, New Trailer News 27

News 27 Learn all about levelling up and customizing your character in The Elder Scrolls Online in a brand new video presentation from developers Zenimax. In this upcoming MMO-twist on the popular Elder Scroll RPG series, you’ll be able to pick from an assortment of stat and ability options to tweak and tune your avatar to play the […]