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VGX 2013 – The Division: Snowdrop Engine Highlight News 29

News 29 Ubisoft Massive’s The Division is a true open-world, next-gen shooter experience powered by the brand new “Snowdrop” game engine. To show off some of the engine’s features and capabilities, Massive has launched a brand new trailer that showcased during this year’s VGX video game awards highlighting the power of Snowdrop. It’s looking good, so far. Really […]

Rainbow 6: Patriots – Where Did You Go? News 13

News 13 What you are about to read are actual stories of the long-awaited Tom Clancy title, Rainbow 6: Patriots. While all the footage that has been given appears to be from an official source, none of what you are about the read and watch has been proven to be real or even, for that matter, indicates […]