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Upcoming Battlefield 4 Weapon Tweaks Detailed News 41

News 41 Battlefield 4 developers DICE have detailed a number of upcoming tweaks the studio will be making to a number of the game’s weapons. As noted a few days ago, DICE stated that they would be looking into tweaking the designated marksman rifle class in order to increase its effectiveness. Today, in a recent Battlefield Blog post, […]

Next Battlefield 3 Patch Dated on PS3, Patch Notes Released, Xbox 360 and PC Still Unknown News 6

News 6 The announcement all Battlefield fans on PS3 have been waiting for is finally here, input lag will be addressed in the next patch. DICE has revealed that we can expect the next big Battlefield 3 patch to release on March 27th on PS3, and has also included a list of changes we can expect to […]

List of Confirmed Fixes and Tweaks Coming to Battlefield 3 in the Next Big Patch News 117

News 117 Global Battlefield Community Manager, Daniel Matros, shared on the Battlelog some of the fixes that the team at DICE has been working on for the next big patch. “Big” is an understatement as you’ll find below a massive list of confirmed patch notes. Daniel Matros, aka zh1nt0, posted a lengthy list of all the fixes that should […]