Biomutant Update 2.03 June 9 Scurries Out

Biomutant Update 2.03

Experiment 101 has just released the Biomutant update 2.03 June 9 patch today, and this is after the big 1.4 patch released earlier this week. As one might expect, there’s not a lot in this patch outside of stability fixes.

Biomutant Update 2.03 June 9 Patch Notes:

THQ Nordic has updated the 1.4 patch notes and posted the following:

Update June 8th 2021; We just released a small hotfix (1.4.1) on PlayStation to address the increasing number of stability issues after patch 1.4 on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5.

So far, that seems to be it. We’re keeping an eye out on the game’s social media account, and if there are any new developments, we’ll be sure to update the post.

If you haven’t bought Biomutant yet, go read our review right here, where we state, “It’s clear that Experiment 101 took inspiration from many games and tried to put it all in one nice package, but in the case of Biomutant there is just too much of too little.”

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