Fortnite Update 2.29 Patch Notes and File Sizes Now Live

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Epic Games has released a surprise patch for Fortnite, and it’s Fortnite v9.41! The Fornite update 2.29 patch notes and file size are now live (it’s tagged as 2.29 on PS4). Clocking in at 2.4GB on PS4 (some have reported theirs to only be at 700+MB), there should be no downtime for this small download.

Fortnite update 2.29 patch notes:

According to Epic, this Fortnite update is to fix issues in Creative and on iOS. For now, no further details have been shared. Once they do, we’ll update the post. We are expecting the introduction of a new weapon in Battle Royale mode, and that’s the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle.

The big issue here is, this Fortnite update might cause an issue with replays, so players are encouraged backing up their cool plays and moves before downloading and installing it. We said “might” as Epic has said that ALL v9.40 replays are once again watchable.

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