Hell Let Loose Update 1.000.020 for August 7 Drops for Patch 14.2

Hell Let Loose Update 1.000.020

Hell Let Loose update 1.000.020 has been released on all platforms by Black Matter, and this is for what the studio calls patch 14.2! This brings a short list of fixes to the shooter, which are outlined below in the official Hell Let Loose patch notes for August 7.

Hell Let Loose Update 1.000.020 Patch Notes | Hell Let Loose Update 14.2 Patch Notes | Hell Let Loose Update August 7 Update Patch Notes:

Slowed and tested in our latest PTE session, the general consensus from players was that they felt player locomotion in the PTE session was better, however, we understand that some players felt the speeds were still too fast. In order to ensure we are striking a better balance, we want to continue testing the speed and will be holding a further PTE session for the next bug-fixing patch, 14.3, on the 17th of August. In this PTE, we’ll test a slightly slower speed for players to feedback on.

14.2 Changelog
  • [Change] Reduced the player movement speed
  • [Change] Removed the “Dive to Prone” feature

General Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] Throwing a grenade has a chance of not being thrownThanks to logs provided by community server owners, we managed to identify instances of the grenade bug occurring as a result of the different parts of preparing and throwing a grenade (igniting, priming, and throwing) happening out-of-order on the server, even though they were happening in-order on the client. This meant that the server could refuse to throw the grenade as it was not in a valid state to be thrown, leading to the grenade bug we believe players have been seeing.

    A fix is being submitted that will make it so that if the server gets the request to throw and the grenade is not yet ignited and/or primed, those things are done there and then just before the grenade is thrown. Tested in the PTE session with great success, we’re hoping we’ve nailed this one!

  • [Fixed] Instances of Private Servers crashingThere was an issue with how the game server handled incoming Rcon connections which meant that if there were multiple connection requests very close together, some connections would be ignored, meaning that the Rcon tool would not get a response. In addition, the port allocated for the Rcon connection on the server would not be released to be reused which would mean that the server would eventually run out of available networking resources, resulting in a server crash.

That’s about it. If a new patch is released, or if there are console-specific changes not mentioned above, we’ll update the article.

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