Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update 10.0.3 Out for Bug Fixes This July 8

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Update 10.0.3

Capcom has released Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update 10.0.3 (PC version for balance adjustments as well as bug fixes. There is no new content that has been released today. Check out the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak July 8 patch notes posted down below. 

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update 10.0.3 Patch Notes | Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update Patch Notes | Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak July 8 Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments


  • Fixed a bug causing your Palico’s Support Moves to change randomly when teaching them certain Secret Support Moves.
  • Fixed a bug preventing a reload rating lowered by 2 levels from recovering, if you remove the Elemental Reload Switch Skill after performing a specific set of actions with the light bowgun.
    (We’ve also confirmed a bug in the reload display under Equipment Info, and this will be addressed in a future update.)


  • Fixed a bug causing the game to shut down when performing a specific string of attacks using the insect glaive’s Kinsect Bonus: Boosted Powder Extract on Rakna-Kadaki or Pyre Rakna-Kadaki.

Locales and Environment

  • Fixed a bug in dialogue with the Buddy Scout regarding newly added Buddy Skills that was aimed at all players, instead of only affected players.


  • For A1★ and A2★ quests, the health for all monsters and the attack power of some monsters has been adjusted.

Base and Facilities

  • Fixed a bug very occasionally causing the game to freeze after using the Lottery with an amiibo.


  • Fixed a bug causing the player to temporarily lose the right to play Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak when purchasing or activating DLC during gameplay.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.

That’s it for the patch notes. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is out now for the PC and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

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