New GTA Online Update Adds Progen Emerus Supercar and More

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A new GTA Online update is bringing a brand new supercar, member’s program benefits, and Twitch Prime benefits. Rockstar Games has announced the latest update to GTA Online, with a host of new content that should keep players busy for dozens of hours as they work to earn everything new that’s available.

Progen Emerus Supercar


First in the list of new content is the Progen Emerus supercar. This is an extremely robust yet incredibly fast supercar, available for players to purchase now from Legendary Motorsport.

RC Time Trials


RC Time Trials are a brand new activity in GTA Online, allowing players to race against the clock to beat the times of their friends and enemies on the leaderboard. The Diamond Resort & Casino expansion brought an increase to Time Trial payouts from GTA $50,000 to GTA $100,000. However, this week there’s a promotion that boosts the GTA$ and RP gains from Time Trials on this brand new RC Time Trials event, awarding GTA $200,000 for a completion. The RC Time Trials can be picked up and played from the new corona indicator on the map.

Double Arena War Series Rewards

Also awarding players with double rewards this week is the Arena War Series event. Completing events in the series will award double GTA$ and RP until August 21, 2019.

Podium Vehicle: Dinka Jester Classic


Using your daily spin on the Lucky Wheel won’t only give you a chance to win clothing, RP, or GTA$ this week. Until August 21, 2019 you’ll be in with a chance of winning the podium vehicle, the Dinka Jester Classic.

Casino Store Update

New items have been added to the rotation at the Casino Store, including the Broker Silk Robe, and Chips Earrings. New sculptures and installations for your penthouse are also on offer, letting your friends see just how well you’re doing in the world of GTA Online.


There’s 30 percent off a number of items this week, they are as follows.

  • RC Bandito
  • Arena Workshops
  • Arena Workshops Add-Ons and Renovations
  • Arena HVY Scarab (All Styles)
  • Arena Declasse Brutus (All Styles)
  • Arena MTL Cerberus (All Styles)
  • Arena Sasquatch (All Styles)
  • Arena Annis ZR380 (all Styles)
  • Arena Western Motorcycle Company Deathbike (All Styles)
  • Arena Vehicle Weapons
  • Arena Vehicle Armour Plating
  • Arena Vehicle Vertical Jump
  • Arena Boosts
  • Arena Bodyworks (Blades, Spikes, and Rollcages)

Time-Limited Twitch Prime Discounts

Those who linked their Twitch and Rockstar Social accounts prior to August 12, 2019 can claim their in-game Master Penthouse for free from the website, or using iFruit. These players also receive a 75 percent discount on the B-11 Strikeforce, and an 85 percent off of the Imponte Ruiner 2000. All the above discounts will also be increased by a further 10 percent for these players.

The Diamond Program 

This week is the second change to quality for the Diamond Program. Any players who own a penthouse need to simply log in to claim Silver Status and GTA $250,000. Playing GTA Online before August 21, 2019 will get players close to achieving the following Diamond Program benefits.

Silver Status

Get GTA $250,000 simply by logging in between August 15 and 21, 2019.

Gold Status

Complete the Casino Story Mission ‘House Keeping’ to get an additional GTA $50,000 and the Royals Tattoo. Any players who have already qualified for Gold Status just have to log in this week to claim these rewards.


Platinum Status

In addition to the benefits of Silver and Gold Status, players can get the following by completing five Casino Work assignments for Ms Baker: an extra GTA $50,000, and a vintage Benny’s Original Motor Works poster. Once again, anyone who has already qualified for Platinum Status just needs to log in this week to qualify again.


Diamond Status

Diamond Status is reserved for players who have completed all Casino Mission, and awards all the previous benefits, plus an additional GTA $50,000, and an exclusive Red Diamond Tee. All Diamond Program rewards will be given on August 28, 2019, so make sure you qualify for the highest possible rank.