Nioh 2 Update 1.09 Slices Out, Here Are All the Changes

nioh 2 update 1.09

Team Ninja has released Nioh 2 update 1.09 and it’s live now. Aside from bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, there’s new content included in this too. Clocking in at 760MB on PS4, you can check out the full Nioh 2 update 1.09 patch notes below.

Nioh 2 update 1.09 patch notes:

One million breakthrough memorial

In order to commemorate the number of “Nio 2” sold in the world over 1 million * , “Maniki Armor” will be distributed.
After the update to Ver 1.09, you can receive “Manoni Armor” in the company’s “Gifts”.
* Number of sales (total number of packages shipped and number of download sales)

Manoni armor

New elements and new functions
    •  Add new mission
      Manoni armor

      Mission nameArticleMission release conditions
      Bellflower swordShadow articlesUnlocked by clearing the main mission of Dark Shadows
      Invitation of Kirin childrenShadow articlesCleared by clearing the submission “Golden Country”
      Ryobo’s bondShadow articlesUnlocked after clearing the main mission of twilight version
      Cut off the dayBo MingUnlocked after clearing the main mission of twilight version
      Wind of humanityAfterimageUnlock after clearing the main mission of Afterglow Hen
      What to entrustAfterimageUnlock after clearing the main mission of Afterglow Hen
      Wave of demonsAfterimageUnlock after clearing the main mission of Afterglow Hen
      Pulsation of disasterAfterimageUnlock after clearing the main mission of Afterglow Hen
      Mt. Haio (Aima ga Ho Mission)Opened after clearing the main mission of Asahi Hikari
      • The delivery mission does not affect the acquisition conditions for the trophy “Koukou Musou no Samurai” or the “mission conquest rate” in “Ayakashi no Yumeji”.
      • The Aigami Time Mission “Mt. Hades” appears in the same cycle as other Aima Time Missions.
    • Add photo mode
      Manoni armorIf you start Photo mode during the game, the time will be stationary, you can adjust the angle and brightness of the camera, set special filters and frames, and shoot the scene in the game with the SHARE button. .. It can be used by selecting “Photo mode” added to the status menu.

      • Photo mode can be activated even during multiplayer, such as when you are accompanied by Tokiyo, but in that case the time does not stop.
    • Addition of guardian spirit “Kage”
      It can be obtained by completing a specific delivery mission.

      • It does not affect the requirements for the trophy “Guardians”
    • Added the following items to “Game Settings” in the system menu
      Short-range weapon display … You can hide the short-range weapons that the player is equipped with when using a sword.
      Ranged weapon display… You can hide the ranged weapon that the player is equipped with when swording.
      Displaying the return blood of the player character … You can hide the return blood from the player’s armor and face.
  • Expanded the function so that you can lock and memorialize the soul as it is when displaying the list when you enshrine Tokuyo of the soul
  • Alignment effect of light armor “A master of unparalleled spear” “Kawabe youkai face” “Senari’s desire” “Illusion teaser” “Mute Katsuryu” “Iga Shinobi no Naga” “Iga Thick General” ” Adjusted the effect of “the old military master’s intrigue”
  • Adjusted the difficulty level to be frightened when hitting an enemy’s great skill in Ayakashi no Yumeji
  • Reduces the amount of Amrita lost by enemy attacks when you have many Amrita
  • Adjusted the amount of Amrita that a specific boss can take in an attack
  • Increased the drop rate of items when defeating enemies with the monster technique of “Shijiro”
  • Adjusted the energy damage of “Kamimizu Kikuri”
  • Adjusted the energy damage of the sword martial arts “Kegon Drop”
  • Added the contents about interrupt guard input while being frightened by an enemy’s attack to the tutorial of “Guard and Evasion” in “Basic Actions”
  • When placing “Yoshizuka”, change it so that it cannot be placed in a position that interferes with the use of the company and hot springs
  • Changed to display the number of possessed tea utensils and the upper limit of possessed tea while displaying the information of tea utensils on the belongings screen
  • “Foil order”, “Wason order”, and “Otsu order” are added to the items for switching the order of the tea utensils.
  • Changed the weapon information displayed on the equipment screen and inventory screen to reflect the attack power increase effect other than weapons
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes the damage of “Kagen Drop” in the sickle martial art is not entered
  • Fixed a bug that the spear martial arts “Spear body change” might not go down when hitting a human enemy with 0 power
  • Fixed a bug where the two-sword martial art “Thunder God” sometimes activated without consuming power normally
  • Fixed a bug that when the mystery effect of the hatchet martial arts “Swordskill / Ni” is activated when the mystery of the hatchet “Subtle Throw” is set, the enemy is not defeated in the first stage
  • Fixed an issue where the hatchet secrets “Exquisite Throwing” might not immediately respond to button input in the hatchet martial arts “Sun Moon Start Yin” and “Sun Moon Start Yin”
  • Fixed a bug that the “rolling sword” and “rolling blade” do not activate when using the “Nanto sickle” martial arts “Sanyu”.
  • Fixed a bug where Ninja Skill “Transparent Wave Removal” had lower energy damage compared to other weapon types only for swords and large swords
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a player to jump over a downed opponent and not hit him
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a hit by penetrating a shield such as a door for the Yokai technique of “Sake Douji”
  • Fixed a bug that damage to human enemies that can not be thrown does not occur for the ghost technique of “Youki” in the soul generation
  • Fixed a bug that it was difficult to get up and get up when some enemies grabbed to go down
  • Fixed a bug that “Tarling of wild boar” is triggered by the blush attack of “Double-sided lodging”
  • Fixed a bug that “Kato Danzo” may continue to survive without hitting the physical effect even if it hits a specific attack when using “Transformation Technique”
  • Fixed a bug in the main mission “Eye Reflection on the Eyes” that increased the battle result gauge with Suke when worshiping at the second company
  • Fixed a bug where “Sukebit” did not go to the proper position in the boss battle of the main mission “Shinten no Ma”
  • Fixed a bug that rarely caused the boss to be unable to destroy or the item to not drop in the boss battle of the main mission “Eye Reflection”
  • Fixed a bug in the Submission “Kuraku no Takumi” that sometimes resulted in being unable to proceed with certain steps when summoning rarely
  • Fixed a bug in the submissions “Ayakashi Kagura” and “Akoku no Sekimono” that displayed “There seems to be only opening from the other side of the door” in the empty place
  • Fixed to not lose loyalty when using “Shinkan Sublimation Mark” or “Shinkan Shinkansho” at “Training Ground”
  • Fixed a bug where the mission “Muzina” with level sync applied might drop items of the same level as those without level sync in certain steps
  • Fixed a bug that the operation cost on the “Operation Preparation” screen may increase by 1 when the fraction is 0.
  • Fixed a problem that the state of “!” Mark on the skill acquisition screen was saved / reproduced in “Configuration Management”.
  • Regarding “Play record”, “Number of scroll scrolls available”, fixed the bug that the acquisition status of “scroll axes” recorded on the system save data side is not reflected when proceeding with multiple character data
  • Fixed a bug that damage of some yokai and guardian spirits is not displayed when it is set to “not display” in “damage display of allies other than yourself” in “game settings”
  • Fixed a bug that “Voice Pitch” of “Appearance Settings” is reflected to the voice being shown
  • Fixed a bug where the special effects “Attack increase by recovery of physical strength” and “Defense increase by recovery of physical strength” did not activate due to “Recover physical strength by absorbing Amrita”
  • If you match the equipments with the transplant icon to the equipments with 7 special effects in “Soul matching”, even if there are multiple inheritable frames, “See another candidate for the finished product”. Fixed a bug that can not be selected
  • Fixed a problem that the result of modification may not be temporarily reflected in the status menu display when “Modification” is performed on equipped weapons and armor
  • Fixed a problem that the required status value due to “advancement” may not be reflected correctly in “remodeling” of armor
  • Other minor bug fixes

Note that these Nioh 2 update 1.09 patch notes were translated by Google via the Japanese site, though the overall thought behind each one is easy enough to understand.

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