The Division 2 Beta Update Patch Notes Mention Fixes for Crashes

the division 2 update

If you’re part of The Division 2 private beta that’s live now, you might have noticed a The Division 2 beta update pop up. Well, it’s not an error, and it’s mostly due to fix error messages that keep coming back regardless of platform.

In case you’re curios, The Division 2 beta update patch notes are here, and as one can expect, they’re not much, but they’re definitely welcome given how much crashing has occurred so far. It’s only a 189MB download on the PS4, so expect a speedy fix which no doubt includes the random ban that’s been going around.

  • Note to PS4 players – while this patch is only 189mb, it might take longer than normal to install. You can download and install the patch right now and be ready for the servers coming online again.
  • Fixed several sources of game server crashes that resulted in DELTA-3 error messages.
  • Audio issues with NPCs in languages other than English have been fixed.
  • PC and PS4 players will not crash upon launching the game when accepting a group invite outside of the game anymore.

That’s basically it. Given that we’re only going to be able to experience the beta a few more days, don’t expect any new patches to be released. For those in it. don’t forget that later today, we’ll be able to experience one of the endgame activities! Read up on that here.

Source: Reddit

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