E3 2012 – 120 Seconds of Glorious Halo 4 Multiplayer, Campaign and Spec Ops Gameplay

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343 Industries and Microsoft launched the Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference with a huge bang. Our eyes got to witness world premiere Halo 4 gameplay from the single player wich you can check out right here:

Just released however, is 120 seconds of all modes within the Halo 4 universe, which you can view below:

The UNSC Infinity houses the War Games, which offers competitive deathmatch modes and innovative player customization. With the multiplayer footage, we get to hear the new raw sounds of a few weapons, most notably a returning fan favorite, the Battle Rifle. We also get a glimpse of a new tackle assassination, and the new fully auto Storm Rifle. The trailer ends with footage we got to see during the Microsoft press conference, with a little bit of Spartan Ops footage to boot.

Feel free to leave your comments below on what you feel about this b-roll footage. Are you as excited to get your hands on Halo 4 as we are? Stay tuned to MP1st for developing Halo 4 multiplayer news.