Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Gameplay Surfaces

Can’t wait until the month of December to get your hands on the upcoming Turning Tides DLC for Battlefield 1? If the answer is yes, then the latest rounds of Battlefield 1 videos circulating around the internet should help quell that issue. 

Both the Battlefield 1 community and personalities alike have gotten the very first taste of what the Turning Tides expansion has to offer. You can check out the very first gameplay videos of said expansion in the video provided above by JackFrags, who will take you on a short tour of Cape Helles and Achi Baba, two of the maps that will make their way this December.

Though it should be worth mentioning that this first taste of the Turning Tides expansion seems to be based on an alpha build. So things like texture, lighting and other graphical polishes aren’t included in the videos circulating around the net.

Don’t forget to check out our previous story on Turning Tides to see the official map names, how many new weapons will make it into the expansion and more.

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