Leaked Footage of a Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III, AKA “Version Two” – What Could Have Been

Earlier this month, we reported that video game publisher LucasArts went under. Layoffs ensued as the studio, recently acquired by Disney, was shut down. Development on games like Star Wars: 1313 and the rumored Star Wars: First Strike ceased with no future in sight.

Of particular interest to MP1st was the alleged free-to-play, multiplayer PC FPS, Star Wars: First Strike, which we learned was also¬†considered a “predecessor” to Star Wars: Battlefront 3 by developers at LucasArts,¬†intriguingly.

According to early reports by Kotaku, First Strike was meant to act as a testing ground for Battlefront 3, while still releasing as a full retail game in itself.

More recently, Kotaku learned of “Version Two,” a version of First Strike that was meant to eventually turn into Battlefront 3, according to their sources.

Unlike First Strike, Version Two featured vehicular combat, including memorable Star Wars vehicles like the hover-bike, X-Wing and Tie Fighter. Kotaku was also able to obtain leaked footage of the game in progress, which you can check out below:

[youtube id=”45OGvV4uXPc” width=”618″ height=”378″]

Looks pretty awesome, right? One could almost call it the Star Wars version of Battlefield, something that would likely be welcomed with open arms by the gaming and Star Wars community alike.

As it stands, the fate of Star Wars: First Strike and Version Two are completely undecided. Unless licensed to another developer, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 will never see the light of day.

What do you guys think of the footage? Does it look like something you would play?

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