Modern Warfare Season 2 Trailer Leaks, Shows the New Maps & More

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While Activision itself might have leaked a mess of details regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2, this time, it’s Xbox’s turn to accidentally let something slip! The Modern Warfare Season 2 trailer has leaked, and it names the maps and more.

Modern Warfare Season 2 trailer:

The trailer, which is the official one most likely set to be released later today or tomorrow, names the maps included, which include two maps for 6v6 (ot 10v10), a new Gunfight map and a new Ground War map. In total, we’re getting four maps in Season 2 which are: Rust, Atlas Superstore for the regular modes, Bazaar for Gunfight, and Zhokov Boneyard for Ground War.

These maps will, of course, be free for everyoe, and will complement the two new guns nicely. Infinity Ward also mentioned “new ways to play” in the trailer, which could be  connected to Activision’s tease that “entirely new experiences” to play set within the Modern Warfare universe is incoming. If so, this could very well be the battle royale mode rumored to launch in early this year.

Modern Warfare Season 2 launches February 11 on all platforms, and once the patch is live, we’ll be sure to let people know ASAP.

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