New Exciting Modern Warfare 3 Custom Game Mode – ‘Money in The Denk’

With the success of AllorNothing and other community-inspired game modes, Infinity Ward is looking to feature other modes in Modern Warfare 3 in the upcoming weeks. While Candice Capen posted a poll last month featuring  modes that Infinity Ward believes players would interested in*, there are still other modes made by the community that Infinity Ward is considering as well.

Take for example, ‘Money in The Denk’, a mode crafted by YouTuber , is making the rounds in the community as one of the more exciting new custom modes in Modern Warfare 3.

A video introducing the mode:

[youtube id=”yqNAMJ0Q5fk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We got in touch with TheDenk earlier today to learn that the mode is currently being consideration at Infinity Ward. We will keep you posted if ‘Money in The Denk’ makes its way to public matches.

Here’s how you set up the mode in private matches:

[youtube id=”SPE3qzuV0Zc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

*The poll ended two days ago, the top three most requested modes are:

  1. Snipers only/No Snipers (41%)
  2. MLG Rules/Competitive mode (32%)
  3. Assassin, support streak, deathstreak, blind eye free (12%)

In total, there were 14,491 votes casted.

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